Mellinger Memorial Library


Plan and Goals


July 23, 2018



Mission Statement


The mission of the Mellinger Memorial Library is to provide the collections, facility and technology necessary for the use of print and non-print materials that will benefit all the citizens of our area in their pursuit of enjoyment and education.





Enjoy a comfortable, safe, fun place.

Description: Library visitors will have a welcoming place to enjoy while interacting with other people and using the services provided.

Goal 1a: Patrons will be able to navigate the library.

Community Analysis:  18.9% of our population is above retirement age.  Most of them use the library and will find it easier to use the lift.  This number doesn’t include the people who live at the care center in town.  With the new lift, patrons can move freely but there has been some compliant about the doorbell system for the lift. Signage would help them locate faster what they are searching for and lessen frustration when they cannot locate the item they seek.

        Objective 1: Making library flow.

a)       Discuss and Plan for layout changes.      February 2019

b)      Make lift more user friendly by offering training. April 2019

c)       Open and keep lift unlocked during open hours. October 2018

d)      Discuss how to categorize. February 2019

        Objective 2: Create a basic sign system.

a)       Research signs. September 2019

b)      Determine best signage and locations. December 2019

c)       Place signage. January 2020

d)      Measure success. January 2021

e)      Share information collected with board. March 2021


Goal 1b: Patrons may be better equipped to use technology resources and connection.

               Community Analysis: Morning Sun falls below the national average for median family income.      8.3% of the population is below the poverty level.  Patrons come in and use the computers we            have for many things like filing taxes, paying bills, filing unemployment, signing up for         government assistance, and recreational use.  Many cannot afford to have internet at home. 

                Objective 1: Change WIFI times.  May 2019

                Objective 2: Offer sale of CDs and flash drives for saving materials. November 2018

                Objective 3: Make better seating for plug in station. August 2019

                Objective 4: Continue tech help time. July 2018


Lifelong education

Description:  Patrons may access information about personal interests and be able to learn.

Goal 2a:  Adults may explore interests and hobbies through library activities.

                Community Analysis: With the community falling below median income, it would seem that          many don’t work but that is false.  69.2% of the community is employed.  In 84.6% of               households with children under six, all parents work.  In 98.8% of households with children 6 to          17, all parents work.  94.6% of working people travel outside of the community to work.  People           travel an estimated 26.7 minutes one way to their place of employment.  Creating programs for       the people to do in town for free with their families gives the families time to spend together at            little to no cost without having to travel.

                Objective 1: Create programming for adults with help from Friends of Mellinger Memorial             Library group.

a)       Offer more adult art classes. November 2018

b)      Continue book club. Winter 2018

c)       Create and participate in TriCounty book club. Winter 2018

d)      Research family activities. September 2019

e)      Create a family activity. November 2019

                Objective 2: Offer genealogy research classes. June 2020

                Objective 3: Teach a course on Newspaper/Yearbook website. June 2019

Goal 2b: Children may discover how fun and essential reading is.

                Community Analysis:  Most households in Morning Sun have both parents working outside the    home while traveling to work.  During the summer and outside of school hours, children visit the        library just to have something to do. 

                Objective 1: Continue to partner with school and local daycare centers. August 2018

                Objective 2:  Continue promoting Bridges for the children. August 2018

                Objective 2:  Increase winter/spring programs offered to children. December 2019

Goal 2c: Create fun place for teens

                Community Analysis:  After sixth grade, Morning Sun children are sent to other local high               schools for their education.  Creating a fun place for the teenagers will help to keep them from          trouble.  It will provide them with a secure, safe environment to socialize in the community.

                Objective 1: Survey teens to find appropriate programs and activities. July 2019

                Objective 2:  Promote bridges for teens. August 2018

                Objective 3: Begin some sort of program or activity for teens. October 2019